Integrated Dish-Washer from Viking – Viking RDDB301 D3 Series

Viking is a renowned brand known for its striking designs, products and variety of kitchenware appliances. Viking has been consistently developing and expanding their range of manufacturing almost all the products of kitchen ware. This company initiated with Cook tops when Fred Carl Jr. wife refused to utilize a commercial kitchen stove which was a trend in 70’s . Fred Carl Jr. who was a builder is the founder of Viking and since 70’s Vikings has been a brand with style, technology and reliability.

Viking RDDB301 D3 Series

Viking RDDB301 D3 Series

The new expansions on different appliances in the kitchen is based on the theory by Viking that everything in the kitchen should sync with each other to provide the same level of excellence. This is called as design integrity by Viking. Plessers is proud to carry this brand under its roof and provides free shipping to a few states and best price in the nation for Viking products.

However, this multi featured dishwasher Viking RDDB301 is ideal for convenient and safe wash. This is a premium model requires the consumer to order beforehand as this  model from Viking will take 8 weeks to deliver.

The features of this Multi Featured Viking RDDB301 dishwasher are it has a multi level Power wash that holds two stainless steel arms for washing. This is one of its kind dishwasher, huge and most powerful in the technology ever produced.

It also has an exclusive flexible fluid coupling jam proof that provides direct water supply. A Dish guard protector that prevents from  obstruction between lower rack and  protects dishes from the collision.
The five stage filtration and Waste removal system, is an exclusive feature which makes this dishwasher as a premium dishwasher.

  1. It  prevents food particles to residue on the washed clean dishes.
  2. It holds a removable coarse strainer
  3. A triple action clean filtration system with straight stainless steel fine mesh filter with 18 full strength, self cleaning squirts. Another small filter attached in reservoir for liquid ensures 100% filtered water to wash arms.

For more elaborate feature details on sure-temperature Water heating, Condensate Quick dry, quiet clean performance package, “Load-As-You-Like” sturdy built racks, cycles and options, finishes, customized options and warranty details please visit have a variety of dishwasher ranges from Viking, if you are looking for a more domestic or small dishwasher. Viking is the best brand to choose for dishwasher from its advanced and detailed technology is hands-on and convenient to use. Please visit for more information on this premium product.

Fully loaded Outdoor series by Viking VQWO4120SS Outdoor Series

Viking is brand that has not limited itself to only stoves, Cook tops or oven. It has expanded it horizons into different angles beautifully. Viking’s spectacular outdoor series that includes, grilles, barbeque, etc are hit with customers. As Viking’s striking designs, technology has no bounds.

Viking has a range of refrigeration, Oven, dishwasher and many such products. Since 1970’s Viking has been a consistent brand in the market and built its reputation by manufacturing best quality products with high end technology to match up the reputation.

Viking VQWO4120SS

Viking VQWO4120SS

The fully loaded Viking VQWO4120SS outdoor series is an exceptional model. It is perfect for professional utilization or for big families. This Viking VQWO4120SS is an exceptional product for easy and effortless cooking.

The Professional Features of Warranty highlights, an entire stainless steel creation that has professional persona, stylish handles to match this captivating model. All the compartments are 30 inches deep; drawers are fully equipped with full extension slider, holds a fully concealed door hinges and adjustable doors to twist left or right and stand on heavy duty adjustable legs. If you want you can also add optional clip on tow kick ships that is a standard accessory with all the cabinets.

They have a variety of option Accessory available for the customer to upgrade such as Filler strips VCF90, 90 turns VCF135, 135 turn VFLR4, cabinets VBFLR4 or side panels etc. These accessories can be upgraded and customized according to the customers’ requirements.

For more information on this amazing product and many other products, prices, details, specifications and rebates please visit

Impeccable Refrigerator cum freezer from Viking – Viking VCFF236SS Professional series

Viking was established in 1970’s by Fred Carl Jr., who was a building contractor. He was constructing kitchens for many of his clients and realized everyone used a commercial range for cooking. This observation irked and became a base idea when his wife refused to have a commercial range instead demanded more of chamber range, etc. Viking was created and he manufactured hybrid range that induced the style factor of commercial range and safety features of domestic range in various sizes and series.

Viking believe it is utmost important to have a consistent feature when designing, remodeling or building a kitchen. The appliances in the kitchen should have the same zenith that can work together and function to deliver the same level of excellence. This is called as design integrity by Viking.

Viking VCFF236SS

Viking VCFF236SS

Viking offers an entire range of elite, classic, contemporary and premium appliances for the kitchen. It is a one stop solution for all the kitchen requirements.  Viking has proved to be a leader in kitchen appliances over the years with products designed in perfect element with rendering thoughts to even the tiniest details; such as the knob, handles, bezels, angles, curves, and lines to create a flawless design. This enabled the designer to create perfection in sync products according to the consumer needs. Viking also offers products for Professional Indoor, Professional outdoor and D3 outdoor kitchens.

Viking’s premium design Viking vcff236ss professional series is a refrigerator to opt for, with its stainless steel double door refrigerator with bottom single door freezer has many features.

The Cabinet Depth design: The conventional free-standing refrigerator has 24” deep side panels assimilated impeccably. The surrounding cabinetry has adjustable tempered glass spill proof shelves and 1 stationary glass shelf.

The internal filtered water dispenser: It has one hand operation with water dispenser situated within the refrigerator booth that is handy and provides filtered and chilled water.

Premium Water Filter: it  also has a premium water filter that filters water and supply water free of dire taste, odor, residue and free of chemical contaminants.

 Electronic Temperature control: it has the electronic control with digital temperature displayer. In-door diary booth has transparent walls with 24 egg holder, also has 5 large door bins and 2 gallon storage booth.

 The features of  Viking VCFF236SS also include Temperature controlled compartments, Open door alarm and Max cool feature.

 This is a perfect refrigerator from Viking for both Professional and personal use. You can order this amazing refrigerator cum freezer from which is also an authorized dealer of this brand. For more models, prices and ranges by Viking please visit, its a one halt store for all the appliances.


Viking gives you the best of both worlds with innovative models.

  1. Viking kitchen appliances are known for their advanced, professional-style features and for their extraordinary stainless steel and enamel finishes available in a spectrum vastly broader than any other manufacturer’s.
  2. A Viking kitchen range is one of the most dependable stoves you can buy and it stands behind what its name represents.
  3. You can find models displayed at many retail stores and Information about top ranges can also be found at many online websites such as
  4. Viking gives you the best of both worlds with  innovative models.
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Viking – Professional Series – VISB548DX        Viking – Professional Series – VMOD241SSS

Viking Range Corporation is a home appliances manufacturer that was founded by Fred Carl, Jr, he was a fourth generation building contractor, his venture was aimed at developing the first commercial-type range specifically designed, engineered and certified for home use.

Viking has continued its aggressive new product development initiatives and has expanded its product offerings to encompass the entire kitchen, both indoors and outdoors. In addition to freestanding ranges and ventilation hoods, the current Viking product line includes built-in range tops and cook tops, built-in ovens, warming drawers, dishwashers, trash compactors, food waste disposers, refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars, and an entire line of outdoor products including grills, ovens, refrigeration and stainless steel cabinetry and Canada.

Viking home appliances main market is the United States and Canada in addition to more than 45 international distributors who handle Viking international sales throughout the world. Viking products are now found in more than 80 countries worldwide. The Viking network of independent distributors is regarded as one of the strongest in the major appliance industry.

In 2002, Viking Range Corporation moved into a new market category of premium culinary products which has grown to include cookware, cutlery, stand mixers, blenders, toasters, food processors, and hand blenders.  The culinary products line continues to expand and is distributed directly to gourmet shop retailers throughout the USA.

 Viking Ranges vary in size, below are the different sizes and feature of the ranges:

 30″ Custom Sealed Burner Range – VGCC

 36″ Custom Sealed Burner Range – VGCC

 48″ Custom Sealed Burner Range – VGCC

 60″ Custom Sealed Burner Range – VGCC

30″ Custom Sealed Burner Self-Cleaning Range – VGSC

 36″ Custom Sealed Burner Self-Cleaning Range – VGSC

 48″ Custom Sealed Burner Self-Cleaning Range – VGSC

 30″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Electronic Control Range – VDSC

 36″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Electronic Control Range – VDSC

 48″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Electronic Control Range – VDSC

 30″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Range – VDSC

36″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Electronic Control Range – VDSC

 48″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Electronic Control Range – VDSC

30″ Custom Sealed Burner Dual Fuel Range – VDSC

Viking wine Cellars are in two types:

 Full Height and under counter/ Freestanding cellars.

 The standard glass used in wine cellars offers a 70% UV protections and the fluted glass offers 63%.  The glass is the same type used in finer home window applications.
Extensive tests have shown that high altitudes have no affect on the wine cellar. The Tri Temp™ Storage System provides three independent temperature zones that can be set from 43 and 65°F,The temperature can be set between 40 and 65°F.The 15” wide model holds 24 bottles, and the 24” wide model holds 54.

Tru-Protect is an alarm system that signals if the door has been left open or if the unit is out of set range.Viking Wine Cellars have Low-E argon filled glass doors, low intensity interior lighting, and vibration reducing coated wine shelves.